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Document number: 169
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TALBOT Mary Thereza
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 2nd May 2012

My dear Henry

I am very sorry I cannot come & see you but I am just starting pr Packet to escort Isabella’s <1> Girls into Glamorganshire & shall be at Coedriglan <2>I hope by two oclock. we hope to have some air when we are on the water. –

I am sorry to hear you have been ill, the heat must retard your regaining your strength I am sure but you have a nice cool house & Garden to saunter about in & I hope you will not have any thing to disturb you. –

We think Sophy <3> must be 40 or very near it (she is older than Robert) Isabella remembers her a great Girl in the year 29. –

My love to all, no time for more today

I am your affate coz

Jane <4> sends but an indifferent account of Lucy <5> I am sorry to say


1. Isabella Catherine Franklen, née Talbot (1804–1874).

2. Coedriglan, near Cardiff, Wales: home of the Rev John Montgomerie Traherne, husband of WHFT’s cousin Charlotte.

3. Possibly Lady Sophia Penelope Jolliffe, née Sheffield (1822-1882), 'Sophy', first m WTHF Strangways, WHFT's uncle, on 21 July 1857, becoming Countess of Ilchester; second, m 19 January 1867, William George Henry Jolliffe, 1st Baron Hylton.

4. Jane Harriot Nicholl, née Talbot (1796–1874).

5. Lucy Mary Nicholl (1824-1876), of Merthyr Mawr.

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