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Document number: 9532
Date: Fri 23 Apr 1869
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TALBOT Rosamond Constance
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st September 2003

Albergo del Aquila d’Oro

Padua. Friday 23d April

Mama got your letter the evening before we left.

My dear Papa,

I am going to send these few lines to the Hotel Charles went to at Munich, for the chance of your going to the same and finding it – as you have given us no directions for writing to you. We left Venice on Wednesday – lovely weather – The Noels had left the day before.

Were very busy sightseeing here all yesterday and go on today to Bologna. There are really a great many things worth visiting here, St Antonio, Gli Eremitani & other churches; besides the Arena chapel with Giotto’s precious frescoes: la Sala della Ragioni or town hall, one of the largest rooms in the world; but above all what would interest you a very fine Botanic garden, a great contrast to all others we have seen in Italy. Perhaps you know it: if not, my chief reason for writing today is to induce you to spend a day here for the purpose. Come to the Hotel, which is very tolerable though old fashioned, and has a fine look-out upon the church of St Antonio; and is just five minutes walk from the gardens. They are just in beauty. Westerias <sic> climbing about in all directions over trees & walls, and two beautiful standard magnolias, white and red, in full flower among the bushes. The greenhouses are full of curiosities and very well kept. We were shown over by a very intelligent gardener, but I can’t tell all we saw except a very large Araucaria of another kind from what I am acquainted: a remarkable fern Todea Africana with an enormous thick root, like the trunk of a tree, whose name I will add if I find it. &c &c –

There is a professor and florishing <sic> school of Botany attached –

No time for more – We shall probably be at Florencex Monday or Tuesday.

Your affectionate daughter


xHotel Grande Bretagne

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