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Document number: 9716
Date: 14 Nov 1870
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TALBOT Rosamond Constance
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 6th February 2013

14th November

My dear Papa,

Tilly has sent you off today 2 brace of Pheasants, to console you in your solitude, as we suppose that Mama and Ela will be gone before you receive them. She meant to write and tell you herself, but was so busy all the morning with preparations for her visit that she could not find time. She and John are gone to Auchen Castle until Thursday or Friday, and have left Mamie and me in charge of the house and children. The charge is not a heavy one as they are all very good and obedient, but Miss Mohun has been unwell for a week or so, and therefore cannot look after them so much as usual. The weather is quite sunny and pleasant again, after some very cold days at the end of last week. Have you had any snow yet? here it fell several times during Thursday and yesterday Saturday, but none remained on the ground. We looked out for shooting stars last night, but saw none as it was cloudy. An aurora was reported on Tuesday last week, of a rosy hue like the former ones, but not so brillant, and it was not seen by many people.

Charlie Edgcumbe was invited to Drumlanrig whilst we were there, but did not come; I have written to Ernestine, for it is really sad never to hear a word from any of them – have you had any letter from Aunt Caroline lately? A great friend of theirs, Colonel Clayton, was at Drumlanrig; I had met him twice at Mt E: he was joint possessor with Charlie of the little Yacht the Water Baby, before C. went to Australia. Don’t stay too long all by yourself at Lacock, dear Papa, think how warm and snug our house in Edinburgh will be, and how much more comfortably you could write your Assyrians there! Besides Tilly wants you to come and see her, and all the children are always talking about Grand papa! – Tot is really growing wonderfully stronger, his cheeks are fat and rosy, he has your spirits and an excellent appetite, so Tilly is quite happy about him now, and none of them have got the least symptom of a cold. Some how the house has become much warmer than it used to be; and next year they will have gas which will be an immense comfort. The Duke is going to introduce it at the Castle, and so as the pipes conveying it from Thornhill will pass this gate it will be very little additional trouble to get it laid down in this house also. The Ball at Thornhill for the Duke’s birthday, on the 25th is expected to be a grand affair. The Castle is going! and Lord and Lady Dalkeith coming back on purpose, and Tilly says she is sure the crowd will be so great that people will have to dance in the street!

Goodbye, dear Papa, take care of yourself and come soon. Mamie’s love and mine, and all the little ones send kisses, Your affectionate daughter

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