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Document number: 54
Date: Sat
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: STRANGWAYS William Thomas Horner Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 19th February 2012

Abby <1>

My dear Henry

I arrived time enough last night to see the terrace by twilight & this morning I discover several novelties some of which may interest you – a blaze of Iris Germanica, Florentina, (cristata is in the garden) Saponaria ocymoides in a beautiful tuft – plenty Narc. Bulbocodium – feather hyacinths, yellow & lilac mesembryan. Veronica laciniata I believe, very pretty – pinks, tulips, Calla Œthiopica, Oxalis cernua, Cineraria populifolia, Scilla campanulata & verna, Allium roseum & magicum, Silene acaulis & decumbens, Mathiola 3cuspidata <2>, ornithog narbonense alias pyramidale in large buds.

A Cheltenham & Weymouth coach is lately set up, I shall find out if it passes near Weymouth <3> & send you some Iris pumila & other things you may want.

I enclose Veronica laciniata & Sedum ternatum.

Let me hear from you & I will send you some more scraps – The heat is something [illegible] on the terrace today – have you Narcissus biflorus we can spare lots – I add to my list Erodium, chamedryoides & hymenodes Iris pavonia & Lusiana

We fix to go to town Monday fortnight – Withering <4> says Conv. multiflora has been found in Hampshire.



1. Abbotsbury, Dorset: home of William Thomas Horner Fox Strangways.

2. Tricuspidata, that is, having three cusps.

3. Probably this should be Lacock. The route between Cheltenham and Weymouth, not far from Abbotsbury, would probably have gone through Chippenham.

4. William Withering (1775–1832), who in 1830 published the 7th edition of A Botanical Arrangement of all the Vegetables naturally growing in Great Britain, originally published by his father, William Withering (1741–1799), [1st ed. London 1776].

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