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Document number: 4841
Date: 06 Jul 1843
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TREBILCOCK James
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA43-68
Last updated: 11th June 2010

July 6th 1843


Having for some time past been a personal acquaintance of Mr Robt Hunt <1> Secretary to the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society Falmouth who is a Gentleman you are aware has manifested great zeal in endeavouring to promote the progress of the Photographic art and who has created in me a desire to pursue the same excellent branch of science and seeing you have obtained a patent for some improvement in Photography which I imagine must be on your Calotype <2> process and feeling a warm interest in seeing it progress rapidly am induced to enquire whether your latest improvement is adapted for the use of the camera and is it to be considered more sensitive and better adapted for general uses in clouded or foggy weather than your Calotype process as in this I imagine must be the principal improvement; shall be pleased to know whether you intend granting a license to persons who are desirous of practising this useful branch of science from your patent; if so would you consider it too great a favor to send me a small view or portrait as obtained by your latest improvement (which shall be returned if required) together with terms for working from your patent not having seen Mr Hunt for some few weeks past I know not whether he has made you acquainted with a new process he has hit on which is a very sensitive one and recieves [sic] its virtual impression as does your Calotype process which remains to be brought up when Convenient

I am Sir yours obedtly
James Trebilcock

NB. My address is

James Trebilcock
Gwennap Nr Truro


1. Robert Hunt (18071887), scientist & photographic historian.

2. This was patent 9753, "Photography," granted 1 June 1843.