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Document number: 669
Date: 05 Oct 1815
Dating: see note and Doc no 00668
Postmark: 5 Oct [18?5?]
Recipient: TREVELYAN Walter Calverley
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Univ of Newcastle Upon Tyne Robinson Library Trevelyan Family Papers
Collection number: WCT 237
Last updated: 29th January 2012

[Fragment: this list is written on the outside sheet, around the address panel, before it was folded. The inner sheets have not been identified and may be lost or may be another letter not yet associated with this sheet. The 5 October of the postmark is clear, but the digit between the 18 and the final 5 of the year is not visible to the naked eye. The year 1805 is too early and 1835 would have been the last possible one before the introduction of the penny post and widespread use of envelopes. WHFT was elsewhere in early October 1825 and 1835, so 1815 is the remaining candidate. Doc. No: 00668 confirms that WHFT was at Penrice at this time.]

Common in Somerset & Devonshire, a blue flower. Jasione montana, very common.
Pimpernel. from Brendon Hill. Anagallis tenella, very common.
The two Plantains are, P. Cerenopus, & P. maritima both common enough.
Fowey, Lands End, & elsewhere, a Fern. Asplenium Marinum, Rare 10 counties, mentioned abundantly in Cornwall.
Tamarix Gallica near [illegible deletion] Keynance [sic] Cove
Galeopsis versicolor Castleford <1>
Vaccinium Oxycoccus Brendon Hill
on Rocks at Fowey, a sea weed. Fucus canaliculatus, common.
Brendon Hill Lycopodium Selago, not rare.
Fowey & elsewhere on Sea coast. An Umbelliferous Plant. The specimen was too defective, to tell you what.

I remain,
Yrs sincerely

W.H.F. Talbot.

P.S. I leave Penrice <2> tomorrow, so when you write, direct to Sackville St <3> as I am not sure where I shall be; but if you have anymore [sic] Specimens, you had better keep them till we meet in Town.

Mr W. C. Trevelyan


1. Castleford, Yorkshire, 10 mi SE of Leeds, where WHFT went to school from 1815-1816.

2. Penrice Castle and Penrice House, Gower, Glamorgan, 10 mi SW of Swansea: home of Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot.

3. 31 Sackville Street, London residence of the Feildings, often used as a London base by WHFT.

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