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Document number: 726
Date: 10 Nov 1816
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TREVELYAN Walter Calverley
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 21st February 2012

University Coll. Oxford
November 10th – 16

My Dear Talbot

Hearing that you are returned to Castleford, <1> I cannot any longer delay the pleasure of writing to you, with the expectation that the still greater pleasure of hearing from you, will result from it.

I hope you was [sic] pleased with your visit to the Continent, I suppose you had not much time to S]are for botanizing. – I hope you saw the Botanical Garden at Paris. – That here is pretty good in the collection of hardy plants, but very bad houses; & all the trees are to the south so prevent the Sun from shining on the rest of the Garden. – They very seldom have a lecture as no body scarcely will attend. – I have been here since Easter & like it much better than I expected; pray when may should I expect to see you at Oxford? – I attended last term a course of Geological lectures, & am now attending the Chemical and Anatomical courses; all of which I have found very interesting – I think you would like them much. on the opposite page you will see a few habitats, which I daresay might be much encreased [sic] as to this neighbourhood, but I scarcely find time for Botany here. – & I hope that you by keeping your promise of coming to Wallington next summer will add to the list of Northumberland plants. The specimens of Hymenophyllum Tunbridgiense, were so very minute, that for some time I did not know what to make of it. – I got some very good specimens of the Spærophoron [sic] coralloides in fructification. –

Some of the Jamaica seeds which I sowed last spring are in a very flourishing state at Wallington. –

I am sorry to hear that Harrns[?] is in such a disordered state, which I suppose you have heard from your Cousin, who I hope is well &c. –

What weather have you now? The ground here is white with snow that has just fallen. 4. P.M.

with all good wishes &c &c I remain yours sincerely
W. C. Trevelyan


Sanguisorba officinalis, common near Oxford
Antirrhinum cymballaria bracket symbol - left common on walls in Oxford.
Senecio Squalidus –
Turritis Hirsuta, Rewley Abby [sic], near Oxon.
Aquilegia vulgaris bracket symbol - left on Shotover Hill, near Oxon:
Osmunda lunaria
Rumex Sanguineus, in St Peters Church Yard. Oxon.

Durham Shire

Melica Nutans
Cephrys Muscifera, bracket symbol - left in Castle Eden Dean
Rubus Saxatilis –
Osmunda Lunaria –
Fucus plumosus – bracket symbol - left Seaton Carew
– aculeatus –
– saccharinus. Very common – a specimen I have 8 feet in length
Stellaria nemorum in the wood bank of river [illegible deletion] Wear at Durham
Astragalus hypoglottis – bracket symbol - left Seaton Carew
Geranium Sanguineum
Thalictrum minus –
Rosa rubella – bracket symbol - left at Hartlepool
Cochlearia officinalis


Fucus esculentus – bracket symbol - left Newbiggin by the Sea
plumosus –
aculeatus –
dentatus –
Astragalus hypoglottis –
Geranium sanguineum
Rubus [chamæmorus?] – bracket symbol - left near the top of Simon side Hill. near Wallington alias 9 miles from it.
Cephrys cordata –
Hymenophyllum Tunbridgiense –
Sphærophoron coralloides, vel Lichen Globiferus


1. Castleford, Yorkshire, 10 mi SE of Leeds, where WHFT went to school from 1815-1816.

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