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Document number: 325
Date: 01 Jun 1858
Dating: response to 05731
Recipient: WILLIAMS John
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Huntington Library San Marino California
Collection number: Fu843
Last updated: 24th January 2011

Lacock Abbey
June 1 <1>

Dr Sir

You wrote me word that I was in arrears 110 to the Philological Society I have a P.O. order ready to send but I wish to enquire whether I shall address it to you at 3 Old Square <2> or elsewhere?

Yours vy Truly
H.F. Talbot


1. The ascribed recipient of this letter was traditionally catalogued as F.J. Furnivall, the Honorary Secretary of the Philogcal Society, but it seems more likely to be John Williams, the Assistant Secretary who the subscriptions. See also Doc. No: 05731.

2. London.

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