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Document number: 5990
Date: 14 Sep 1847
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: WHITE Franklin
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA47-74a
Last updated: 16th February 2012

Sept 14th 1847
Springfield Massachusetts

Dear Sir

Although personally unacquainted, yet I have taken the liberty of writing this letter, to make some inquiries about the "Talbotype" or or [sic] the new way of making "sun pictures" on paper. Some time since I read an account in a newspaper of your mode of working, and have made some progress; in but thought that if I had more of the details, I might suceed [sic] better and in less time. If you would take the trouble to send me a detailed account of the processes and fixtures neccessary to take Portraits and Views with the Camera, so that I could succeed it would oblige me very much, and I should take pleasure in sending you views from this country, as if it could be made profitable I should be willing to pay a liberal price for the information, and besides I should like to be among the first to spread the art in this country. My business for several years has been with the Daguerreotype.

Very Respectfully Yours
Franklin White

H Fox Talbot Esq

[address panel:
H. Fox Talbot Esq

[in another hand at top:]
try 31 Sackville Street

[in a different hand:]
Laycock Abbey
near Chippenham

[readdressed in a third hand:]
16 Saint Jamesís Square