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Document number: 6837
Date: 08 Aug 1853
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: WILLIAMS James Augustus
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st September 2003


6 Victoria Grove


Augt. 8 / 53 –

Dear Sir,

I beg to enclose you Charles’ account for the last Half-year, amounting to £76·17· £77·3·5–

I was very sorry to find that he had met with any difficulties on his journey, and cannot but think that if his facts are correct, the Railway company are bound to recompense you for expences incurred, as their tickets were issued to carry him to Carlisle by Express Train, and they ought to have provided carriage Room – however it is very difficult to get money back from them; I have had something of the sort happen to me, as in consequence of a train being too late, Mrs Williams and my servants were compelled to pass a night in London on their way here, and their Luggage was left at another Station, & then they charged me for the carriage of it; I fear they will give neither of us more than fair words –

I am glad to be able to give a good report of Charles’ examination, as his papers showed a good improvement and he stands at the head of my List. The points in which he seems to have advanced most are, Verses and in Latin Construing, but as I think all my questions were more difficult than at Xmas, he has answered all more accurately than before – In a general way I did not think his Verses his best point, as he is apt to be careless as to quantity, but I hope this will be remedied – I have been also much pleased with his general conduct and the mode with which he enters into his companions’ amusements, and I have now no fear but that he may become an amiable as well as useful member of society –

I hope that during his holidays he will give satisfaction to Mrs Talbot and yourself –

I beg to remain, Dear Sir, Very Truly yours

James A. Williams –


Our holidays end on Sept. 10th.

<on a separate page, with crest>

Midsummer /53

<account in 2 cols; col. 1 items; col. 2 amount owing>

<col. 1:>

Board & Tuition

Book A/c

Tailor’s Bill

Draper’s –

Chemist’s –

Feb. 24. (Share of Fly)

July 25. Fare to London & Fly


Advanced for journey

<col. 2 headed £·s·d with figures aligned beneath:>




<following 5 amounts shillings and pence only:>









(Bankers “Price, Marryatt & Co” London.)

C. H. Talbot

<book account in 2 cols. Col 1, title:>

Schmidts Greek Histy

Scriptores Græci

Arnolds Gr. Prose

Corn. Nepos

Smith’s Dicty

Large Latin Do

<Mr Strains?> <Xian?> <Eses?>

Copy Book

<col. 2 prices in shillings and pence only, except for Latin Dictionary and total which are in £ s d>










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