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Document number: 6686
Date: Oct 1852
Harold White: Oct 1852
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: WILLIAMS James Augustus
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 7th March 2012

Dear Sir,

I think you will be glad to hear what Charles is doing in the matter of lessons, altho' I hope that he sometimes informs you himself - I think that he is getting on very satisfactorily, and is working with good will - In Latin he is construing the 1st book of the Odes of Horace, & in Greek, a [illegible deletion] collection of Epigrams, I have lately given him Arnold's Verses, which are translations from Ovid, but requiring to have the sense filled up by epithets &c. and in Latin prose he is using Arnold's Book,<1>

and tho' he is not accurate enough, begins to write Latin more correctly. I also hear a good account of him in his French lessons, and Mrs Talbot will be glad to hear that we are much pleased with our Dancing-master.

I find him continue [sic] to improve in the command of his temper amongst his companions, and is consequently on good terms with all of them.

we have had much wet the last few days, but I think Charles has escape [sic] cold at present -

With our united Compts I beg to remain Yours very truly
James A. Williams


1. WHFT's university friend, Thomas Kerchever Arnold, was the author of numerous works on Latin, some going into several editions. His 1851 translation from Ovic, Ecologae Ovidiane, was freshly published; there are several possible candidates for the prose volume, including his 1847 Ellisian exercises, adapted to the first part of the Practical introduction to Latin prose composition.

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