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Document number: 03605
Date: 11 Oct 1837
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: STRANGWAYS William Thomas Horner Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 9th March 2011

Dear Henry

Your Conyza <1> may perhaps be C. geminiflora of Naples – or a Stokelina – dubia – I had one like it once from Corfu but with narrower leaves – Phyz– is from B. Ayres I believe – If Rhus elegans is from seed, it must be from Abby <2> where there is a good deal of it The Orn– <3> is thyrsoideum which with one or two other Cape species ought to be united with Arabicum under Lindleys <4> Melanomphale. I have not heard of any of mine flowering Your tall weed seems Nicotiana glauca. I hope your Juniper may be the Neapn macrocarpa, send me a berry or a shoot I think I should know the leaves. Euphorbia prunifolia I know at Florence

I will send you something by Gwynne. <5>

There has been no opportunity for Ld Aucklands <6> letter to go yet, but there will be next Saturday when I will take care it shall go viâ Egypt –

Send me a bit of E. Humboldtii Jane <7> is gone thro to Wales.

Yr Aff

Harriet <8> is happy at having bought Ly Jane Greys portrait at a sale –

I am curious to see what the Aleppo Hyacinth & Narcissus will turn out –

With the space you have at Lacock it would be really useful if you would undertake cultivating for comparison some of the long genera – Saxifraga, Veronica Campanula, Aster, Euphorbia, Linaria &c all in a row.

Have you de Candolles <9> Campanulaceis & Moris Flora Sardoa? <10>

London October eleven 1837 W F Strangways
Henry F. Talbot Esq
Lacock Abbey


1. See Doc. No: 00045.

2. Abbotsbury, Dorset: home of William Thomas Horner Fox Strangways.

3. Ornithogalum.

4. Prof John Lindley (1799–1865), botanist.

5. Mrs Gwynne (d. winter 1841/1842), lady’s maid, cook and housekeeper to Elisabeth Feilding.

6. George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland (1784–1849), Governor General of India. He was governor-general of India 1836–1842.

7. Jane Harriot Nicholl, née Talbot (1796–1874).

8. Harriot Georgiana Mundy, née Frampton (1806-1886), WHFT’s cousin & sister-in-law.

9. Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyrame de Candolle, Monographie des campanulées (Paris: Veuve Desray, 1830).

10. Giuseppe Giancinto Moris (1796–1869), Flora Sardoa… (Turin: 1837–1859).