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Document number: 174
Date: Jun 1827
Dating: reply is 01566 of 30 Jun 1827
Recipient: AMICI Giovanni Battista
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Biblioteca Estense Universitaria Modena
Collection number: 7320
Last updated: 1st September 2003

31 Sackville Street <1>


Un de mes amis m’a engagé de lui montrer le Microscope de Chevalier <2> avec votre perfectionnement, le Dimanche après midi. Je viendrai donc le prendre Dimanche matin si cela vous est agréable.

Votre dévoué

H. F. Talbot


31 Sackville Street

Dear Sir,

One of my friends has committed me to showing him the Chevalier Microscope incorporating your improvement, on Sunday afternoon. I will therefore come to collect it on Sunday morning if this is convenient for you.

Yours truly

H. F. Talbot


1. 31 Sackville Street, London residence of the Feildings, often used as a London base by WHFT.

2. Jacques Louis Vincent Chevalier (1770–1840), optician and instrument maker in Paris, Quai de l’Orlonge no 69. His work was continued by his son Charles Chevalier (1804–1859). The reply to this letter is Doc. No: 01566, which dates the letter to June 1827. [See also Doc. No: 01573].

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