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Document number: 1833
Date: 06 Jun 1829
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BUTLER George
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA29-66
Last updated: 22nd July 2010

Gayton, <1>
6 June 1829.

My dear friend,

I am extremely sorry that I cannot oblige you by supporting your friend, the highly distinguished Mr Cavendish, <2> at the ensuing election: I am pledged to my very old friend, Mr George Bankes; <3> And greatly inconvenient, as it will be to me to attend at Cambridge, – thereby leaving my repairs & improvements here to the mercy of idle and ignorant workmen, – I fully meditate the journey. I have thought it right to be thus explicit, because sincerity in these matters appears to me an indispensable duty.

It would give me great pleasure to pay you a Visit at the ancient Abbey; but, alas! I am such a fixture here, that for the present I cannot flatter myself with the hope of so agreeable an excursion. However, while there is life, there’s hope: And should I ever have the opportunity, I certainly shall not want the inclination.

Meanwhile I beg you to believe that I shall be equally delighted to bid you welcome at my parsonage here. And tho’ I cannot promise you a display of Scenery equal to that of your delightful & venerable residence, I can assure you of a hearty welcome.

Mrs Butler <4> unites with me in kindest regards to you, and I am Ever,

My dear friend, Yours faithfully
Geo. Butler.

W. H. F. Talbot Esq.
31 Sackville Street


1. Northampton .

2. William Cavendish (later, 7th Duke of Devonshire, 1808–1891), eldest son of William Cavendish (1783–1812); in 1829, he had been 2nd Wranger at Trinity College, Cambridge. (see Doc. No: 01831).

3. Hon George Bankes (1787-1856), MP for nearly fifty years.

4. Sarah Maria Butler, née Gray.

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