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Document number: 6097
Date: 02 Feb 1848
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: MALONE Thomas Augustine
Author 2: HENNEMAN Nicolaas
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA48-10
Last updated: 16th February 2012

122 Regent St
Feby 2. 1848

To H F Talbot Esqr


I must apologise for having taken so much time for the consideration of your proposal. <1>

A difference of opinion among my friends caused the delay.

That the Talbotype process will ultimately supersed [sic] the Daguerreotype is I believe generally admitted

The eulogiums recently passed upon the paper process in France is encouraging. With these ideas in view Mr Henneman and myself have confered [sic] together on the subject of your proposal & beg to thank you for your consideration & liberality in making us the first offer.

We need not remind you that the business is not answering at present it generally takes some time to establish a business of any kind. A great deal depends on forming a connection we think it probable our expenditure for the next twelve months will exceed our receipts at all events we should be prepared for such a result this can be done only by your advancing a sum of money as you propose.

If at the end of twelve months you resolve to withdraw your aid we should commence the second year trusting to an increase of business should this second year seem to be as unsuccessful as the first what is to be done?

We must return the stock & furniture to you having done our best & failed ( not that I anticipate such a result but we must always prepare for an emergency.) We must ask you to exonerate us from the thousand pounds also from money advanced indeed from every liability incurred in the business

If the establishment is doing but little there would be no bills for chemicals or cases to any great amount.

I we are aware that this is a very delicate subject because it would seem we wish it all our own way & some persons under the circumstances would be careless as they might be when receiving regular salaries. The desire of being independent by paying off the thousand pounds would I am sure stimulate us to exert ourselves indeed carelessness could not last long for you of course would close the Establishment by withdrawing the means required.

You will pardon my our speaking so plain it is a subject on which there should be no misunderstanding or concealment. The whole of this letter has been dictated by prudence more than by fear of the result.

There are many minor arrangements I we have not mentioned as I we thought it would only confuse the subject.

We remain Sir your most obedient Servts
N. Henneman
T A Malone


1. This was the response to WHFT's proposal to set Henneman up in business - see Doc. No: 06054.

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