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Document number: 1996
Date: Sat 01 May 1830
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: PORTER Charles
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number: 32398
Collection number historic: LA30-029
Last updated: 6th July 2006

Wing Rectory

Saturday. May. 1st

Dear Talbot

In my last letter <1> to you I meant to suggest a change of curacies between Mr Rogers <2> and myself, in order that if, from your knowledge of Mr R's circumstances, you should think it practicable I might then apply to my Rector, for his approval - But I now hear from Dr Wilkins, my Rector,<3> that he has found a gentleman to succeed me; a Mr Macleod, who held the curacy of Dalham, of which Dr Wilkins' father in law was Incumbent.

Tho' I am anxious to be constantly employed as Pastor, yet I shall be rather nice in my choice of a curacy - I shall therefore in all probability, be at liberty for some months, and most happy to avail myself of your interest to procure Mr Rogers another post.

Had not my Rector already provided himself with a curate, he might have been given it to the Bishop of Rochesters <4> solicitations - for the Bishop is connected with Mrs Wilkins' family -

One of my children has been very ill: and for the benefit of her health, we intend to pass a few days at Leamington, going there the week after next - but direct here if you please -

Believe me Dear Talbot,
Yours very truly and obliged

Charles Porter


1. See Doc. No: 01995.

2. R Rogers, Curate at Lacock.

3. Dr George Wilkins was Rector of Wing from 1827-1839.

4. George Murray, Bishop of Rochester and Dean of Worcester (1784-1860).

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