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Document number: 1662
Date: 31 Mar 1828
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: THORP Thomas
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA28-22
Last updated: 16th January 2011

Dear Talbot

On my return to Cambridge I wrote a note to Jiggins, <1> not expecting to be able to get him to call on acct of his Gout. He did however call, but it was only to pray your patience he represents that from want of lodgers he has been obliged to give up his house, &c &c, and in short, tho’ he is very much ashamed at not having discharged his debt long ago (I told him the loan was made for a few months, & had been unpaid for a few years), yet he has not the means of paying it now, but doubts not to do it this summer, if you will indulge him so far. Of course I cd not make the man pay: I told him I wd deliver this message to you.

I have received from my friends James Hall, Digby Wrangham, & one or two more members of this Club<2> tho’ strangers to each other, a carte blanche to construct a house dinner some day before I leave town. I think it will be a pleasant party, and shall be very glad if you will put your name down to join the party at 6 o’clock on Wednesday next.

I am Dear Talbot Very truly yours
Thomas Thorp

31 March 1828


1. James Jiggins (b. 1795), New Inn, Parker's Piece, Cambridge. See Doc. No: 01384 and Doc. No: 01498. He was possibly earlier a servant to the Feildings - see Doc. No: 00887 and see Doc. No: 00888.

2. The Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, London: WHFT’s club; a gentleman’s club composed primarily of artists and scientists. James Hall, Esq. was a member of the Athenaeum, as was Digby Cayley Wrangham (1805-1863), later Private Secretary to Lord Aberdeen in the Foreign Office.

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