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Technical Works

The First Negatives

D B Thomas, The First Negatives; an Account of the Discovery and Early Use of the Negative-positive Process
(London: Science Museum, 1964).

Dr Thomas, then Curator of Photographs at the Science Museum, was the first modern scholar to intensively study and publish on Talbot's work. He was also responsible for making Talbot's archive more accessible to other scholars, thus promoting publication of books such as Gail Buckland's.

Mechanisms of Image Deterioration in Early Photography

Mike Ware, Mechanisms of Image Deterioration in Early Photographs; the Sensitivity to Light of W H F Talbot's Halide-fixed Images, 1834-1844
(London: Science Museum, 1994).

Dr Ware has made a unique contribution to understanding why some of Talbot's early photographs have survived and why some have not. The first part of this slender volume is the most clearly written summary of Talbot's technical procedures; it should be understandable to any interested reader. The second part presents some of the highly technical resources Ware consulted to arrive at his conclusions.

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