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Document number: 04696
Date: 11 Jan 1843
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: DAVIDSON Robert
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA43-005
Last updated: 10th February 2010

Egyptian Hall Piccadilly
Jany 11th 1843


I have just received a letter from Messrs W. R. King & Son, <1> purporting to contain the copy of a letter from you accusing me of having infringed your existing patent <2> rights by exhibiting the modle [sic] of a machine which works a small circular saw – And requesting me to give you an undertaking, not to make any other Engine or Modle on the principle of your patent in England or Wales without your written license and permission so to do –

If I have in any way infringed upon your patent I am extremely sory [sic] but perhaps you are not aware of the fact that the very indentical [sic] Machine which I am now exhibiting was made by me about six years ago and publicly exhibited to thousands, previous to your patent having been taken out – under these circumstances, I am convinced you will pardon me if I am infringing upon your patent and as I have only been exhibiting for the purpose of realising a little of the outlay which I have been at in perfecting my invention – I hereby most cheerfully undertake not to make any Engine or Modle in England & Wales, with the view of infringing upon your patent – without your written license and permission so to do.<3>

I am
yours most respectfully
Robert Davidson

W. H. Fox Talbot Esqr
Care of Messrs W. R. King & Son
Sergeant Inn
Fleet Street


1. William Read King & Son, solicitors, London - see Doc. No: 04686.

2. ‘Obtaining Motive Power’, Patent No. 8650, 1 October 1840.

3. The two men reached a satisfactory agreement - see Doc. No: 10025.