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Document number: 06185
Date: 31 Oct 1848
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: VOGEL Friedrich Carl
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA48-44
Last updated: 11th October 2016

Honoured, Sir

By your invention of Photographic representations on Paper you have made a valuable gift to the world an [sic] procured at the same time to mainy [sic] Artists an agreable & useful occupation.

I can count myself to those who by means of your invention have been able to raise themselves from intricated circonstances [sic] to a comfortable situation, for which I am very grateful & much indebted to you. To show you how I made use of your invention I beg to accompany you one of my Photographic Portraits

I beg also pr. Steambote un mappe of 9 Photographic work – to votre adresse, for the purpose of opportunity – to see à photographic Work of mine on a lager [sic] scale.

I am not aware that Photographie has been adapted in that way I tried at different times to associate several persons on one Portrait, but found it connected with great difficulties to take them all at once in the ordinary Size of the Camera obscura as they are not exsily [sic] brought in to the focus are apt to adopt awkward positions and are seldom quiet altogether, Besides the different hues or tints of complexion require ont [sic] always the same time for representation

The Idea struck me therefore with regard to Portr[aits] with several persons to represent each person seperately in the proper attitude, then to make composition and to unite them in one Portrait –

I have tried also to produce Photographic Portraits on Silk and other Stuffs & have added a sample although imperfect, just to give you an idea of what I made

For this procedure and new application of Photographie I took here a Patent – I should like to Know if they are acquainted in England already with this 2 procedure. Should you feel inclined perhaps to take in England a Patent for introducing it? It is inted [sic] very useful in practising and affords an opportunity to produce very pretty Tableaux.

It is some time already that I have adopted this method in many ways – for larger and sinaltés [sic] groups, while as to one and number of persons almost unlimited.

I shall consider it a favor if you will send me your Portrait remaining

With sincere regards Sir Yours respectfully
Fritz Vogel <1>

Heyne Garter & [Eckenheimer?] Thor
Francfurt am – Allemagne

Frankfurt am
l 31 October 1848.

Mr Talbot


1. Vogel's name presents some confusion. In The Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition (1851), v. 3, entry 739 is listed as 'Vogel, Carl Friedrich, Milan. Photographs'. It was in the Austrian section since in 1851 Milan was in Lombardy-Venetia, then part of the Austrian Empire. This is the only Vogel entry for a photographer and must be the present writer. In Doc. No: 05252, he signed his name 'F. C. Vogel'; in Doc. No: 06406 'Fr: Vogel'; and in Doc. No: 06452 'F. Vogel'.