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History Of Photography

A History of Photography Dr Robert Leggat

This ever-expanding site gives a good background for many major figures and developments in the history of photography.

International Directory of Photography Historians

Edited by William Allen, this is an enormous list of people interested in all aspects of the history of photography. Most entries include details of interests and specialties and contact details.

The Daguerreian Society

Forced into competition by larger circumstances, Talbot’s rival in 1839 was Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre. The Society devoted to his memory maintains one of the most active and interesting websites in the field. Although the emphasis is clearly on the Daguerreotype, the period it covers is coincident with Talbot’s.

La Société française de photographie

The French Photographic Society maintains both a French and an English version of their site. There is an on-line version of their useful journal, d'Etudes photographiques

Roger Fenton's Letters from the Crimea

This website publishes faithful transcripts of letters sent by Roger Fenton to family and friends during his "Photographic Trip to the Crimea" in 1855. The venture is a collaborative project initiated by De Montfort University, using the two surviving letter books in the collections of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center and The National Media Museum. This is the first occasion that all twenty five letters have been published in full.

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Pattern of Seeds
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Mike Ware's Alternative Photography Pages

Dr Mike Ware, a retired chemist and an excellent photographer himself, has done some of the most significant research on Talbot’s photographic processes. His engagingly written and scientifically sound site contains a wealth of information about early processes and is a good way to begin to understand the intricacies of work in Talbot’s time.

History of Photography in Edinburgh

Peter Stubbs's History of Photography in Edinburgh is a model site, giving a wide range of historical and biographical information on Scottish photographic societies. Since much of Talbot's later work was accomplished whilst living in Edinburgh, there are many useful connections here.

Photographic Exhibitions in Britain 1839 - 1865.

This is a research database containing individual records for over 20 000 photographic exhibits drawn from forty exhibition catalogues published between 1839 - 1865. Published online by De Montfort University, it was originally created by Roger Taylor and published under the same title in book form by the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 2002

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